Building a Kick-Drum Mic out of a speaker…

By Gabe Herman Background There is much written about this topic all over the web, and after studying a lot of pages, with a lot of great information, I thought I would give this project a shot and try to combine some of the things I’ve learned from my internet research with some of my […]

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“YAKETY-YAK! dont talk back…..okay, now talk back….” By Gabe Herman I’ve grown really fond of the DIY mentality and am always on the lookout for new projects that are simple and money saving to pass along to my students and friends. The latest of these projects has been to design and manufacture a simple momentary […]

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Making a demo that works for you…

Planning your demo recording experience‚Ķ A killer demo recording is one of the most important tools that an artist or band can have in their arsenal. It is also one of the most difficult things to accomplish on short notice and within budget. Time, financial constraints, and a clear objective view of what specific tasks […]

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A Few Words About Pre-Production

Written by: Gabe Herman If you are hired to be the producer or engineer for a project, then here are some words of advice: Consider planning on spending some time BEFORE YOUR SESSION sitting in on a rehearsal with the band and do some collaborative preparation with them. This will provide you a couple of […]

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