Microphone Stand Storage 

…elegant form, elegant function

Consider This: The folding microphone boom stand. It’s a quintessential part of any and all tracking studios. If your room is of a decent size, then it’s pretty easy to just leave them out all of the time. But this can crowd the floorspace and make it hard to get around. Even when neatly stacked against the wall, microphone stands impede on the sense of space in a room, spoil the serene architectural design and ultimately detract from the open space a control room should have. This is perhaps a more important issue for smaller home studios where space is at a premium.

Stands often get awkwardly leaned in front of or against the wall, carted off to a mic closet where they knock against one another in a rolling cart, stacked in a corner, or worse yet, piled on the floor taking relentless abuse and costing studio owners hundreds of dollars in replacement parts. This gets expensive and can lead to excessive costs, not to mention the sense of clutter and sloppiness that most of us try hard to avoid. 

The Solution: I have designed a wall-mounted hanging unit that will store up to 14 standard and small sized boom stands at a time so that they are off of the floor, stably situated, and ready for use at a moment’s notice.

The entire assembly is only 5′ wide and six inches tall and stands about six inches away from the wall.

When stands are folded and secured in this holder, they are guaranteed to not sway, fall or harm anyone or thing around them and take up 75% less area than when they are unfolded and on the floor.