Joe Holt – Empty

Holt’s newest work features a mixture of older tracks that have since been redefined and re-recorded, but new ones as well.

The six song release touches heavily of Holt’s talents- distinct ability to compose beautifully personal lyrical content with some serious guitar chops. The simple instrumentation of arpeggios on an acoustic guitar allow for the the warmth within the vocals and the inherent storytelling nature of the music to shine through. The added vocal harmonies in, ‘So Far Gone’ bring great depth to the EP, but it’s ultimately the final track, ‘Night’ where the release takes on a different life. The introduction of strings to the mix and the relaxed tempo gives ‘Night’ a very grand feel as musical textures continue to grow and compliment each other.

Wonderful release from Joe, always exciting to hear what he’s cooking up. Be sure to keep an eye out for him as he continues to play shows around town.