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  • richardleojohnson200

    Celeste – Richard Leo Johnson


    Richard Leo Johnson

    Richard’s newest release is the third installment in a series of mythical characters.
    The first in the series was the highly acclaimed “The Legend of Vernon McAlister” followed by “Who Knew Charlie Shoe”.
    Now we have “Celeste”.
    Using a one-of-a-kind instrument provided by Martin Guitars, the “Alien” guitar is both visually and structurally unique.
    Artist, Michael Brolly, designed and built the guitar.
    Michael has had penchant for the alien theme for years and has created a large body of work based on that concept.
    Michael was commissioned by Martin to build a guitar for Chris Martin III.
    The result was an acoustic guitar with a theremin built into the body.
    Soon thereafter arrangements were made to have his instrument shipped to Savannah for Richard to make a recording.
    The resulting body of work on “Celeste” is a mix of haunting, mysterious, and sonically unique music that defies any style or category. This is an earmark of Richard’s music as cited by most of his reviews…a singular voice in the world of the guitar.
    Now with the added twist of the theremin and the blending of the sonic qualities of the two instruments, we have a perfect storm for yet another amazing recording by this distinctive artist.

  • Beauty as Ugly
    Beauty as Ugly

    Beauty As Ugly- John Medeski, Tisziji Munoz

    Beauty As Ugly
    Tisziji Muñoz & John Medeski
    Release Date: AM025 released 2013
    Label: Anami Music

    “Beauty As Ugly (BAU) is the second offering in the original trilogy I proposed to John “Lam-Sobo” Medeski, containing avant-garde versions of my compositions from the more classical Beauty As Beauty release. Beauty As Ugly marks the second stage of the creative cycle from structure to no structure. This date features the creative challenge of interactive expression moving towards the infinite.

    Tisziji Muñoz: guitar
    John Medeski: piano
    Ra-kalam Bob Moses: drums
    Don Pate: acoustic bass
    John Lockwood: acoustic bass

  • Brian Cheney 200
    Brian Cheney 200

    Brian Cheney

    Brian Cheney is emerging as one of opera’s most versatile, and exciting tenors. The protege of legendary tenor, Jerry Hadley, Brian is quickly gaining national acclaim for his portrayal of characters such as Nemorino in L’elisir d’amore, Edgardo in Lucia di Lammermoor, Don Ottavio in Don Giovanni, Rodolfo in La Boheme, the Duke in Rigoletto, Candide in Candide and Don Jose in Carmen . “Tenor Brian Cheney’s portrayal of Don Jose was the most effective dramatic and vocal realization of character in the production…..
    this excellent singer revealed a voice of amazing power and great beauty. Cheney’s booming tenor voice and effective dramatic realization of the passionate Don Jose soon made him the audience’s favorite character.” Classical Voice of North Carolina
    Following Brian’s debut at Carnegie Hall in 2007, he has been performing concert works and oratorio throughout the country. The Daily Gazette in Albany, NY had this to say about his recent performance of the Messiah, “Tenor Brian Cheney was a revelation. Cheney’s voice was like spun gold. He seemed to dwell on his notes, basking in their loveliness. Each phrase was sculpted, each word was cleanly enunciated. Not just a gorgeous voice, Cheney showed imagination as he altered his colors or use of vibrato.” He has performed numerous times as a soloist at Carnegie Hall with his most recent performance in 2013 performing a world premiere and US premiere of Hungarian music with the American Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Leon Botstein. In 2011, Brian also made his Lincoln Center debut as tenor soloist for the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 at Avery Fisher Hall appearing with acclaimed soprano, Jessye Norman. He will be featured as tenor soloist in the popular televised New Year’s concert Salute to Vienna at Lincoln Center on January 1 2014.
    Visit his website, BrianCheneyTenor, to watch the captivating six part documentary chronicling Brian’s journey as a singer from the early stages of his career to the release of this exciting debut album.

  • NatReevesState_200

    Nat Reeves – State of Emergency

    Nat Reeves has built a successful career touring the world with some of the most important figures in jazz in the last half-century, beginning with Sonny Stitt, most importantly in a role in Jackie McLean’s band that lasted until McLean’s passing, and more recently as the primary bassist for Curtis Fuller, Pharoah Sanders, and Kenny Garrett.  While not on tour, Reeves is a long-standing professor of jazz at the Jackie McLean Institute of Jazz at the Hartt School in Hartford, CT.

    With State of Emergency, Reeves steps from the sidelines to center stage to lead an accomplished ensemble through a program of lively straight-ahead jazz.  In a set comprised mostly of standards, and some less familiar classics, the tunes are played with the relaxed buoyancy that becomes possible when musicians know each other well.  That familiarity comes as a pleasant surprise given that two members of the group are relative newcomers.  Drummer Jonathan Barber and trumpeter Josh Bruneau studied under Reeves at the Jackie McLean Institute of Jazz , and immediately made their presence felt on the scene.  Both players demonstrate chops beyond their years on this record.  Veteran New York City pianist Rick Germanson, a long-time associate of Nat’s, rounds out the ensemble.

    A State of Emergency was declared as the worst nor’easter in Connecticut memory moved in, and we were due to assemble for the first day of recording at Power Station New England in Waterford.  We had several days booked and were very excited about this project.  We were working with a University of Hartford Faculty Development Grant obtained by Hartt faculty member and accomplished audio engineer Gabe Herman; and my intention was to involve as many students and instructors as possible from the school’s Jackie McLean Institute.  But the weather made it difficult for many to travel and the project instantly changed… On this record you hear a quartet of brave travelers made up of Josh Bruneau, Jonathan Barber, and, all the way from New York City, veteran pianist Rick Germanson.  Josh and “J.B.” are two of the finest to emerge from the Jackie McLean Institute.  As students, musicians, performers, and friends, their talents make me proud.  You will surely hear more from them in the future.  Rick is one of the most in-demand artists in New York, and I cannot overstate the value of his generous contribution of time and vast experience to this project, helping our young friends to experience the real deal in a world-class recording studio.  Given the time considerations as we hunkered down while the blizzard swirled outside, we played with no rehearsals, tunes we knew, some that we had performed before and some we had not; we called tunes we enjoyed and allowed everyone in the group to shine.  With Gabe at the controls, the sessions were relaxed, the chemistry was perfect and the results are proof; there is no indication of the chaos outside.  Some months later we took this quartet to play in my hometown in Virginia; we drove back through Hurricane Irene! We knew then this was the State of Emergency band…

  • Joe Holt
    Joe Holt

    Joe Holt – Empty

    Holt’s newest work features a mixture of older tracks that have since been redefined and re-recorded, but new ones as well.

    The six song release touches heavily of Holt’s talents- distinct ability to compose beautifully personal lyrical content with some serious guitar chops. The simple instrumentation of arpeggios on an acoustic guitar allow for the the warmth within the vocals and the inherent storytelling nature of the music to shine through. The added vocal harmonies in, ‘So Far Gone’ bring great depth to the EP, but it’s ultimately the final track, ‘Night’ where the release takes on a different life. The introduction of strings to the mix and the relaxed tempo gives ‘Night’ a very grand feel as musical textures continue to grow and compliment each other.

    Wonderful release from Joe, always exciting to hear what he’s cooking up. Be sure to keep an eye out for him as he continues to play shows around town.

  • Please Be Seated
    Please Be Seated

    Please Be Seated

    Myq Kaplan & Micah Sherman

    B. Seen Media

    The latest comedy collaboration is here! “Please Be Seated” is the debut music comedy album from comedians Myq Kaplan and Micah Sherman. Featuring 22 tracks, “Please Be Seated” is 61 minutes of cerebral, goofy, poignant, irreverent, exuberant, folksy, ridiculous, wordful, improvisational, fun musical comedy with expressive harmonies and good times for listeners. This comedy duo’s music has been described as “the best.” The record features music performed and recorded by AudioGabriel’s Gabe Herman and is a lot of fun…

  • Orly-Album-Cover-from-the-website200




    In the winter of 2011, with the help of producer and engineer Gabe Herman, Orly and Yagel recorded their first E.P. at the Powerstation in New England. It snowed the entire three days that they were there, and as they watched the world turn white from the studio windows, they felt they were in a cozy world of their own.

    Orly has received rave reviews from music review sites, publications and blogs across the world. Their track “Boy on a Hill” won 1st place in the Folk category of the International Songriting Competition, and they played a killer showcase at this year’s SXSW.

    During those magical days, we felt that the recording captured not only the sound of our music, but also the essence of our relationship and our journey together.”   –Orly

  • Dragon Rhyme200
    Dragon Rhyme200

    Chen Yi – Dragon Rhyme

    The wind band offers considerable variety and color to composers, as demonstrated by these three disparate works. Jennifer Higdon’s Soprano Saxophone Concerto brings to the instrument an unerring warmth and sizzling dexterity perfectly suited to its plangent beauty. Kurt Weill’s 1924Violin Concerto exudes neo-classicism, Mahlerian influence and a pungent dynamism that account for its popularity. Chen Yi’s Dragon Rhyme employs musical intervals familiar from Beijing Opera, in a work rich in textual color and vivid intensity.

    Recorded and Mixed by Gabe Herman

  • Substance200

    Arika Kane – Substance

    Arika Kane

    Substance – B.S.E. Records

    Earlier this year, Gabe Herman sat down to mix the latest record from R&B artist Arika Kane. “SUBSTANCE” is a true representation of what Arika Kane has to offer in Music. Rooted in R&B with an Urban/Crossover & commercial appeal, Arika Kane stays true to her sound while creating Timeless Music. This record is fast becoming a sensation and has been getting amazing reviews as well as placing as high as #8 on the Amazon R&B sales list!

  • Vernon

    The Legend of Vernon McAlister

    Richard Leo Johnson

    The Legend of Vernon McAlister

    “A truly beautiful guitar record. This gentleman was given one of those metal acoustic guitars and fell in love with it. Ostensibly, this is a “country blues” CD – he starts off in the John Fahey realm, played very well and comfortably. But by the end his playing has become so evocative that you forget you’re hearing acoustic guitars (he overdubs at times). He incorporates some “avant-garde” techniques as the album goes on, but they are worked so smoothly into the sequence that they are not important in and of themselves – it’s more how they make the music feel. This disc is at times achingly beautiful, at times relaxedly comfortable, and at times mysterious and otherworldy. There was a type of music that guitarists tried to get at some years ago when they worked the John Fahey/ Leo Kotke realm, but they never quite got. This is actually it (to my ears.). And it was recorded in his attic.” -Roger Miller/Mission of Burma

  • Who knew Charlie200
    Who knew Charlie200

    Who Knew Charlie Shoe?

    Richard Leo Johnson/Gregg Bendian

    Who Knew Charlie Shoe?


    Richard Leo Johnson’s style on the acoustic guitar is marked by emotional depth, complexity and hauntingly unfamiliar harmonies. Percussionist Gregg Bendian is the leader of The Mahavishnu Project and Interzone. Richard and Gregg have toured together in the past, opening for King Crimson, among others, but this is their first recording together.

    This record is an extension of the music and story of Vernon McAlister and his music’s influence on the people he encountered, which started on Richard’s last record, The Legend of Vernon McAlister. As on that album, Richard has taken on a character’s role in order to ‘get inside’ of the music.

    Richard and Gregg work with *junk* percussion, cheap guitars purchased off eBay, field recordings and simple tape effects to make a kaleidoscopic, down-home, psychedelic experience.

    In a few spots, Gregg’s non-standared percussion instruments are reminscent of the Harry Partch instruments, and the music resembles what a meeting of Harry Partch and John Fahey might have been!

  • shermanhirshon

    Lampshades and Ottomans

    Micah Sherman & Dan Hirshon

    Lampshades & Ottomans


    Micah Sherman and Dan Hirshon met while performing in Boston’s comedy circuit. Together at last, they decided to write and record brilliance, inviting several other accomplished Boston standups and improvisers to voice other characters on this album.

    In addition to playing James (groomsman to Matthew McConnaughey’s best man and Jennifer Garner’s maid of honor) in GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIEND’S PAST (in theaters early 2009), Sherman just returned from the first annual Great American Comedy Festival. Hirshon, who has performed standup all over from Bangor, Maine to Cape Town, South Africa has appeared at the Last Vegas and Boston Comedy Festivals. The two now live in New York City where they are looking to furnish their apartments.

  • Cowgill200

    Cowgill – Planted

    Planted Side 1


    Formed in Boston in June of 2011, Cowgill has been winning the hearts of fans at their shows at Middle East Upstairs, the rock club Church, the Occupy Boston stage, and their residency at P.A.’s Lounge, as well as Pianos in NYC.

    The band will be touring the U.S. in August (tour dates not yet announced), recording Side Two of the album in the Fall, and promptly hitting the road again for a more extensive tour in support of the full album. Jon Hillman of popular Boston music blog Allston Pudding writes, “[Paul] has the ability to sing with the genteelness of a folk idol while retaining a controlled manic energy just beneath the surface, waiting to erupt into one of his many pop-laden choruses.” He adds, “…it’s the musicians and instrumentation that encompass Paul Cowgill’s folksy pop melodies that truly differentiates this indie-rock sextet.”