Studio A – Powerstation New England

power_station Live RoomThis room is the best kept secret in New England…This is the flag-ship recording space for AudioGabriel and it is an exact replica of Avatar – Studio A; right here in the quiet, graceful setting of coastal CT. Easily accessible from Boston, Providence and New York City, you cannot find a more inspirational, serene and productive environment to capture your sound. With the price well below what you would pay in the city, the production value and the experience of this unique room is astounding. Whether you need drum tracks to take back to your home studio, or you’re looking to capture an entire record, this studio is sure to inspire your very best performance.

The 1,700 sq ft main studio room includes five isolation areas and the signature 35-foot dome with a sound that you just can’t get in anywhere else. The 400 sq ft control room is loaded with all kinds of vintage and boutique equipment; everything you need to make a world class record. This is the same room where hundreds of gold and platinum records have been recorded over several decades. This room was designed by producer Tony Bonjiovi to replicate his 53rd Street location in New York City, which is recognized by many as one of the finest acoustic environments for recording in the world. This replica has all the trimmings including a vintage mic locker featuring  microphones by Neumann, AKG, RCA and more. This space has the same sound of the NYC studio, but at less than half the cost!

Click here for a complete list of equipment and layout of the facility.

Studio B - Mix Suite


A compliment to Studio A, Studio B offers a mix room option for overdubs and mixing for any sized production. Constructed in 2014, Studio B was designed by renowned acoustician, Lou Clark of Sonic Space and offers the most honest and accurate acoustic environment possible to mix, master, sound design and compose. Featuring the latest plugin-suites from McDSP, Waves, Sound Toys and more combined with a myriad of awesome vintage outboard gear, instruments, mics, amps and vibe, Studio B is ready to go to work for you. That big budget sound is just pennies away…

Click here for a complete list of equipment and layout of the facility.

Promotional Video

video Production photoFor any artist working on a project, it’s important that you have a way to let the world know what you are up to. While you’re taking the time to record your record right, you should also take a moment to document what’s going on around you. High quality HD video footage during a concert, recording session or rehearsal is a valuable resource for promotion. Fans are always looking to find out new things about their favorite bands, and find ways to be as close to the creation process as possible. Just about every major and indie act is constantly releasing new material that supports their music.

We offer multi-track HD music videos, promotional shorts and/or documentary footage as an add-on to any recording package or as a stand-alone service.

With the ability to multitrack record HD audio and Video remotely, AudioGabriel can travel to your live concert to record your next performance, capture magical rehearsals in your private rehearsal space, or even help scout out a location to shoot a music video- giving you a treasure trove of high quality media to use to promote your band across any social media or direct email campaign.


-Largest Cyclorama/Infinity room Sound Stage in New England

-Custom Large Set Construction

7_cyclorama-Unlimited amount of HD cameras

-HD multi-track Audio Recording

-Lighting kits

-Post Production Editing

-Animation (3-d and after-effects)

-Audio Mix to Pix

-Playback for Sync

-Publishing to YouTube, Facebook & DVD

CLICK HERE to start talking to one of our video production professionals…

Tour Support

stage-2One of the hardest things to find when you’re on tour is a decent place to rehearse. We’ve got you covered with the largest sound stages in New England ready to service any size production whether large or small. Our Sound Stages have hosted some of the biggest names in music including Dave Matthews Band, Lil’ Wayne, Meatloaf, Transsiberian Orchestra, Alecia Keys and more…

  • Facility Features
    • 27,000 sq. ft climate controlled sound stages
    • Easy truck access and lots of free parking, easy on/off I-95
    • 24/7 access to studios via magnetic pass cards
    • Fabrication facility – machine shop/paint booth/ wood shop
    • 22,000 sq. ft of production support, including Wi-Fi, and Digital phone system
    • Cafeterias, kitchens, shore power for caterers, honey wagons, dressing rooms
    • Video production/post, sound design, animation/SFX and graphic design facilities
    • Competitive pricing with unmatched customer service
    • Experienced stage hands and crew readily available in the area
    • Great Lodging deals in the immediate area

Plus, if you’re a very large production, The State of Connecticut offers a very generous 30% tax rebate incentive for filmmakers doing business in the state.

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Sound Design


Sound Design is one of the most important elements of effective story telling, and AudioGabriel is ready to help you with your sound design needs whether for Film, Television, Corporate Media, Video Games or even Books on Tape. Our specially designed studios, sound effects libraries, and over ten years of experience can deliver what you need, when you need it and at the right price.

Our work has been featured in over 24 international film festivals, Network and Cable television series, Sirius Satellite/XM radio, and countless other corporate media materials.

Check out our facilities page to learn more about where we work and how we can put it to work for you.

Of course, there just isn’t enough room here to talk about all that we do. If you’re interested in booking a project, but would like to see a complete demo reel, please CONTACT US and we’ll send along a copy in whatever format works best for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Mix to Pix

IMG_1818Quality, Experience, Fast Turnaround and Flexible Pricing is what it’s all about. At AudioGabriel Inc, Full Mix-To-Pix services are available to meet the needs of broadcast media corporations, animators, web-designers and filmmakers at all levels. If you’re a producer needing to polish production on a small indi-film, feature, TV show or webcast, we guarantee quality, affordability, and expediency; a truly professional experience from start to finish on every project.   AudioGabriel Inc. is staffed by a reliable, experienced and specialized team who work around the clock to ensure that production quality stays high, even on a deadline.

Our audio post facilities are equipped with the tools you need to mix in 2.1 or 5.1 surround sound and are situated adjacent to ADR and VO booths and are hooked up to ISDN uplink in case you need to fly in a line after the shooting is done.

We are equipped and conform to all  ATSC85  DialNorm Standards and comply with all level practices as mandated  in the CALM act. This ensures that your dialog is guaranteed to be consistent with station requirements and dynamic and expressive in the theatre.

Film Sound

Where you’ve seen our FILM work…

Over the years, we have helped animators, directors and producers develop and realize good story-telling through good sound design and intuitive mix. Here’s a list of the various Film Festivals that have featured our work over the years:

gabeicon1.editBuffalo Niagra Film Festival

First Glance Film Festival, PA, USA

Calgary Underground Film Festival, Alberta Canada

London International Film Festival, UK

Ion International, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Dam Short Film Festival, CO, USA

Palm Springs Short Film Festival, CA, USA

The Black Mariah Film Festival, (Touring)

International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival, Tempe, AZ, USA

Winner’s Circle Animation Competition

Dragoncon Independent Film Festival, Atlanta GA, USA

Shockerfest, Modesto, CA, USA

Roof Garden Rendez Vous, Montreal, Canada

Woodstock Film Festival, NY, USA

Trenton Film Festival, NJ, USA

Rhode Island International Film Festival, Providence, RI, USA

Chicago International Film Festival, MI, USA

Savannah Film Festival, Savannah GA, USA

International Student Film Festival, Hollywood, CA, USA

D.C. Independent Film Festival, Washington DC, USA

Tupelo Film Festival, Mississippi, USA

Stoneybrook Film Festival, Long Island, NY, USA

Audio Post for TV

We have extensive experience developing sound for original TV programming as well. Here’s just a sample of some of the series we’ve been working on:

We are equipped and conform to all  ATSC85  DialNorm Standards and comply with all level practices as mandated  in the CALM act. This ensures that your dialog is guaranteed to be consistent with station requirements and dynamic and expressive in the theatre.

If you are a producer working on a series for television, please drop us a line. We’d love to help you with your audio needs!


Sound Stages

stage-4We are Prepared for the complex challenges of your production!

Through our partnership with Sonalysts Studios, we offer three sound stages that offer a combined 25,000 square feet that exceed expectations for privacy, sound control and construction.

Working heights of our stages range from 35 to 42 feet, each with a full catwalk system allowing the crew to work from the floor up or the catwalk down.

Over the past few years, we have hosted a number of features, including “Killer”, starring James Woods, “Amistad”, directed by Steven Spielberg, and “The Bronx is Burning”, an 8 part made for TV mini-series produced by ESPN. We also hosted “Deal or No Deal” with Howie Mandel, this past summer.

We are conveniently located between Boston and New York—along the shores of Long Island Sound, in Waterford, Ct.—in beautiful Southern New England.

Click Here for more information about our Sound Stages



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Gabe Herman


AudioGabriel is owned and operated by Gabe Herman: A Musician, Audio Engineer, Composer and Educator based in West Hartford, CT.

A native of Chapel Hill, NC, he grew up in one of the hottest indie-rock scenes in the nation. His passion for fluid artistic expression and innovative experimental composition has propelled him forward in the professional world of music, music production, audio post-production for film and audio production education.

Gabe has engineered and produced numerous groups in a variety of genres ranging from classical ensembles to modern rock to contemporary world beat music. His projects have been featured by radio programs such as NPR’s “Fresh Air” and ABC (Australian Public Radio), broadcasted live on national television (NBC and MTV), Sirius/XM Satallite radio and his clients work has received outstanding reviews by critics associated with a myriad of publications including The New York Times, Billboard, JazzTimes, Downbeat and many others.

His film scores and sound design work have premiered and won awards at over 21 film festivals across the globe including The Black Mariah Film Festival, The Rhode Island International Film Festival, ION International, and Dragoncon to name a few. He is also the sound designer and audio post-production engineer for cable television shows “Quest for the One” and “Monster Fish” and “Border Battles” for the VS network, NBC Sports and the Outdoor Living Network.

Gabe is heavily involved with the regional music scene and is a professional member of AES (Audio Engineering Society). He is the owner and operator of AudioGabriel Inc located in West Hartford, CT. To date, he has worked with a myriad of professional musical artists including Macy Gray, Bill Kreutzmann (The Greatful Dead), Mike Gordon (Phish), G-Love, JoJo, John Medeski, Bob “Ra-Kalam” Moses, John Lockwood, Tisziji Munoz, Chen Yi, Nat Reeves, Walter Beasley, as well as countless local and regional acts at his own studio as well as many other premier studios in the New England area.

Gabe is an active educator. He is currently the Interim Chair of the Music and Performing Arts Department, and the Assistant Director of The Dept. of Music Production and Technology at the Hartt School in Hartford CT. He was one of the first faculty members at the Audio Production Department at Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts where he served as Associate Director and remains active as a guest lecturer.

Click Here to read an interview with Gabe Herman in the July 2012 issue of AudioXpress Magazine.




Condensed Resume: Complete CV available upon request…


The Hartt School, The University of Hartford:

Aug 2009-Present Full Time Faculty & Assistant Director/Dept of Music Production and Technology

2005-Present Adjunct Faculty/Department of Performing Arts Management

2005-Aug 2009 Adjunct Faculty/Department of Music Production and Technology

Boston University, School of Communication Studies

Center for Digital Imaging and Arts: Audio Production Department

2006-Aug 2009 Associate Director, Faculty

Audio Production for Music, Film, Animation, Television & Video:

2012 Mix Engineer

Audio Recording:  Artist: Arika Kane

International Release: B.S.E. Records, April, 2012

2011-2012 Audio Post Production, Mix Engineer

Television Series: “Border Battles”

Cable Network: The Outdoor Living Network

2011 Producer, Recording Engineer

Audio Recording:  Artist: Nat Reeves

International Release: 482 Records

2011 Producer, Recording Engineer, Studio Musician, Web Development

Audio Recording:  Artist: Orly

Album: “Orly”

Independent Release: iTunes,, CD

First place winner in folk category of The USA Songwriting competition, 2011

2005-2011 Head Engineer/Studio Manager

Jamspot Studios: Somerville, Wakefield, MA

Oversee all facets of studio construction, maintenance and operation. Service a wide range of local and international clientele.

2012 Sound Design/Post Production Mix Engineer

Television: “Sasquatch”

Cable: The Outdoor Living Network

Gowdy Productions: 2012 Broadcast

2012 Sound Design/Post Production Mix Engineer

Television: “Border Battles”

Cable: The Outdoor Living Network

2012 Broadcast

Sound Design/Post Production Mix Engineer

Television: “Monster Fish”

Cable: The Outdoor Living Network

Gowdy Productions : 2010, 2011 & 2012 Broadcast

2009-2012 Sound Design/Post Production Mix Engineer

Television: “Quest For the One”

Cable: The VS Network/NBC Sports Network

Gowdy Productions : 2010, 2011 & 2012 Broadcast

2010 Sound Design/Audio Post Production

Independent Film: “One”

2010 Buffalo Niagra Film Festival

2010 Recording Engineer

Audio Recording:  Artist: Chen Yi

World Premier Recording: Dragon Rhyme

Under Production, Naxos, 2010

2009 Recording Engineer

Audio Recording:  Composer: Stuart Smith

Directed By: Ben Toth

“Glass”, “James Balfour”

Published: Smith Publications, 2010

2009 Recording Engineer/Mix Engineer

Audio Recordings: Artist: John Medeski

Bob Moses

Don Pate

John Lockwood

Tisziji Munoz

“Beauty As Ugly”. Anami Music. (Album currently under production)

2009 Producer & Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer

Audio CD; “Zee Lee Mee Seek” Artist: Zili Misik

Independent Release:

2008 Recording Engineer

Audio Recordings: “Pass it Around” Artist: G-Love

Jack Johnson

Donovan Frankenreiter

International Release September 2008, Wrasse Records

2008 Recording Engineer

Live Sessions: Artists: Bill Kreutzmann (Greatful Dead)

Mike Gordon (Phish)

I2007 Mix Engineer, Assistant Mastering Engineer

Audio CD; “Who Knew Charlie Shoe” Artists: Richard Leo Johnson

Gregg Bendian

Mastered by; Dave Moulton

International Release July, 2007 on Cuneiform Records

2007 Producer & Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer

Audio CD; “New World Soul” Artist: Zili Misik

Independent Release:

2008 Best World Music Act; The Boston Pheoniix

2007 Best World Music Album; Nomination; Boston Music Awards

2007 Producer & Recording/Mix Engineer

Audio CD: “Dr Fidgety” Artist: Dr Fidgety Brass Band

September, 2007:

2007 Recording/Mix Engineer/Audio Post Production & Sound Designer

Instructional Saxophone DVD: 14 Steps Artist: Walter Beasley

July 2007:

2006 Recording Engineer, Head of Audio Production

Live Sound/Recording Engineer Artist: JoJo

August, 2006: Universal Records & Blackground Records/Chew Entertainment

Primary Audio Production Technician for recordings and rehearsals as well as managed audio production for live television performances at the 2006 “Miss Teen USA” pageant (NBC), as well as web broadcast on “AOL Sessions” (

2006 Audio Editing Supervisor

Music Supervision Artist: Ashley Parker Angel

August, 2006 Blackground Records

Audio editing supervisor for televised performance at the 2006 “Miss Teen USA” pageant (NBC).

2006 Assistant Mastering Engineer

Audio CD; “The Nature of Luck” Artist: Silver Lining

Mastered by: Dave Moulton

Every Cloud Music (BMI)

2006 Producer & Recording Engineer

Audio CD; “Outside Up Inside Down” Artist: Kate Dunphy Band

Mastered by: Dave Moulton

Independent Release

2005 Mix Engineer, Assistant Mastering Engineer

Audio CD; “The Legend of Vernon McAllister” Artist; Richard Leo Johnson

Mastered by; Dave Moulton

International Release on January, 2006: on Cuneiform Records

2005 Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer

Audio LP; “Star Matters” Artists; Brian Vigliano (Dresdin Dolls)

Linda Veins (Bad Saints)

EJ Labb

Moniq Ortiz

Russell Chudnofsky(Guitarzan)

Kelly Davidson

2006, Independent Release

2005 Sound Designer

Textbook; “Sound Design for Animation Filmmakers” Author; Robin Beauchamp

Publisher; Focal Press, Release; 2005

Sound Effects design and editing for DVD animation supplement included with textbook

2005 Sound Designer, Location Mix Engineer, Music Editor

35mm Film Short; “The Breadwinner” Directed by; Jared Staab

Independent Release May 28, 2005.

2005 Supervising Sound Designer, Original Music Score, Mix Engineer

Stop Frame Animation; “Seed” Animator; Ben Cain

Release May 15th, 2005

2007 Purchased by MTV networks

2006 Featured Animated Short: MTV

2006 First Glance Film Festival, Philadelphia, PA

2006 Calgary Underground Film Festival, Alberta Canada

2006 London International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film, London, UK

2006 ION International, Los Angeles CA

2006 Dam Short Film Festival, Boulder City NV

2006 Palm Springs Short Film Festival (Awd. Kodak Filmmakers Grant)

2006 2nd Place Jury Award, The Black Mariah Film Festival ( for tour dates)

2005 International Horror and Sci-Fi film festival, Tempe Az

2005 Winner of the Winner’s Circle Animation Competition

2005 Dragoncon Independent Film Festival, Atlanta GA

2005 Shockerfest, Modesto CA

2004 Post Production Mix Engineer

Documentary Video; “Pientre De La Terra” Director; Joel Fendelman

Independent release, June 2004

2005 Roof Garden Rendez Vous in Montreal

2005 Woodstock Film Festival

2005 Trenton Film Festival (Awd. Best Cinematography)

2004 Rhode Island International Film Festival

2004 Chicago International Film Festival

2004 Savannah Film Festival

2004 International Student Film Festival, Hollywood CA

2004 Sound Design, Location Recordist, Boom Operator, Mix Engineer, Original

Music Score, Music Editor, ADR Recordist

Short Film, HD Video; “Tuesday” Director; Joel Fendelman

Independent release, May 2004.

2005 D.C. Independent Film Festival

2005 Tupelo Film Festival, Mississippi, (Awd. Best Student Film)

2005 Stoneybrook Film Festival, Long Island, NY (Awd. Best Director)

2004 Savannah Film Festival Showcase DVD (SCAD)

2004 Producer, Post Production Mix Engineer

Documentary Video; “Serenade to a Kitchen-aide” Videographer; Drew Yeager

Editor; Eric Watkins

Independent release; September, 2004

2004 Sound Design, Post Production Mix Engineer, Original Music Score

Stop Frame Animation; “Innocence” Animator/Producer; Ben Cain

Independent release, 2004. (

2004 Sound Design, Post Production Mix Engineer, Music Editor, ADR Recordist

Video/Film Short; “I’m a Teenage Werewolf” Director; Steve Goldenberg

Independent DVD release, April 2005

2004 Sound Design, Location Recordist, Boom Operator, Postproduction Mix

Engineer, Original Music Score, Music Editor, ADR Recordist

16mm Film Release; “Love Gone Lost” Director; Joel Fendelman

Producer; Jessica Berkowitz

Independent Release, 2005

Additional Work Experience

2007-present Market Analysis & Sales

Seven Woods Audio, Belmont MA

Market investigation and sales support for the Ursa Major Space Station SST-201 digital reverb unit.

2005-2006 Director of Business Development

Jamspot, Somerville, MA.

Responsible for the Planning and Management of educational programs ranging from private instruction to music history, production & technology, community outreach programs for youth and the elderly, as well as produce high profile showcases highlighting the performing clientele of Jamspot.

1996-present Owner/Manager


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